The T & C's

1: Clients:

Your Name…………………………

    Wedding Date: ………………………………

    Wedding Venue(s)………………………………………………………………….

Videography Company:  Ultimate Moments Videography

We are a team of highly experienced  and professional Videographers that will capture your Wedding or Celebration to the highest of standards. 


2.1. Total cost of wedding package

2.2. Retainer: A retainer(deposit) of £250 to be paid at the time of booking for video only

and £200.00 per supplier for any of the Video & Photo Packages we offer (£400.00 deposit in total) 

The videographer exclusively reserves the time and date agreed for the client.

The retainer fee is non-refundable. Remaining balance is due 8 weeks before the original date of wedding. 

3. Package:

The package includes; Videography of Wedding Package as chosen by the client and listed on client invoice.  

3.1. Style: The wedding will be filmed in the style as seen by the clients from samples shown prior to booking.

3.2. Restrictions: The videographer will shoot technically and artistically crafted footage, but the videographer cannot be held responsible for bad weather, poor lighting at venues or lack of co-operation from, or restrictions imposed by, all or relevant authorities, e.g. Church or Registry officials or any other party present on the day.

4. Copyright & Usage:

This contract constitutes an order for videography services. It is understood that all proofs, digital images, and samples remain the property of the videographer and they may be used for advertising, display or any purpose thought proper by the videographer. The client will be able to purchase more USB/DVD''s from the videographer if required at an extra cost, however the USB/DVD's videos may not be used (without prior permission from the videographer) for commercial use.

4.1 Raw footage remains the sole property of Ultimate Moments Videography and is not available to clients.

5. Indemnity:

5.1. Liability: Although all care will be taken with the footage shot at the event, the videographer limits any liability for loss, damage or failure to deliver any footage, for any reason, to the return of all fees paid.

5.2. Change of event date: In the case of a change in date of event, the videographer may allow the booking to be moved to the new date if this date is free in their diary and at their sole discretion.

5.3. Acts of God: The videographer will not be held liable in the event of fire, strike, casualty, act of God, or other cause beyond the control of the videographer.

If due to illness, then the videographer shall refund all payments to the client, but shall have no further liability with respect to the agreement.

5.4. Inclement weather: The videographer will not be held liable in the event of environmental conditions beyond their control and reserves the right to decline videography outdoors in inclement weather.

5.5. Inherent defects: The videographer is not liable for damages, including but not limited to, delay or omission arising from inherent equipment defects or fault, or other causes beyond their control. Liability in any event is limited to the refund of all videography fees paid.

5.6. Extenuating circumstances: In the event that the videographer is unable to attend the wedding the videographer in such circumstances will assist in finding a replacement videographer, but if one cannot be found then and only then will a full refund of all money paid by the client to the videographer be made, nor can the videographer be held liable in any way for the actions of, or quality of the work by the replacement videographer.

5.7. Once any monies or full balance is paid, it is non-refundable, whether the contract has been signed or not.  

This is especially the case for weddings that are cancelled.

This is to cover non-refundable deposit, cancellation fee, VAT & Tax already paid, admin charges and loss of earnings.

Cancellation must be in writing. 

6. Damage of Equipment:

In the event any of the videographers equipment being damaged or destroyed, either accidentally or unintentionally, by the client, guests or employees of the client, the client is fully responsible for the equipment’s replacement at current market prices.


The videographer(s) should be provided with a hot meal on the day.(Bar meal or similar).

PLEASE NOTE, this is at your own discretion, but please let us know prior to your wedding date. 

We do travel all over Scotland, but we will ask for fuel charges or if needed an overnight stay at a local B&B our Hotel if travelling a specific distance to film your Wedding. 

8. Communications:

All communications must be sent to Ultimate Moments Videography in accordance with this contract to address listed below. 

All contracts must be signed and returned to: ​

Ultimate Moments Videography

1 Strathdoon Place


South Ayrshire KA7 4PB

TEL:  07513 175765 or 07931578100